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The Truth About Colored Contacts For Brown Eyes


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If you're tired of the appearance of your brown eyes and want to make them look different, you may have considered wearing colored contacts. Perhaps you're worried that colored lenses will not work properly to mask your dark brown eyes. If this is you, you don't need to worry. Older contacts often did a poor job of disguising the original appearance of brown eyes, but these days many different types of contacts are available to give you any look you can imagine.

The Kinds of Colored Contacts to Avoid

Even today, however, there are certain types of contact lenses that are not appropriate for dark brown eyes, types of contacts that your should avoid outright. Color enhancement contacts, for example, were invented merely to enhance the appearance of a natural eye color, improving vividness and clarity. In most cases, they are only sold in green, blue, and gray versions. Because they are intended only to highlight existing bright eye colors, they are not appropriate for people with deep brown eye color. Trying them on for most people will just look terrible.

The Best Colored Contacts for Brown Eyes

On the other hand, fully opaque lenses are the best choice for those with deep brown eyes. Because they are totally opaque, they don't allow any of your natural eye color to show through. The center is clear, of course, so that your pupil remains unobstructed in order to allow you to see. By using this type of contact, you can make your eyes appear to be naturally violet, green, hazel, or blue, to name just a few possible colors available today.

How To Make Colored Contacts Work With Your Overall Image For An Amazing Look

It's important to find the perfect color to match you, now that you know that there exist many great options for changing the eye color even of people with deep brown eyes. Your contacts should look natural for a person with your skin and hair colors, so as to not draw attention to their false color nature. Your eyes play a bigger role in your overall appearance than you may be aware, so it can be useful to try on a number of different colors in order to see how they interact with the rest of your appearance. You may be amazed at just how dramatically changing something as simple as your eye color can alter your appearance. A little experimenting should help you find the color that best compliments your appearance.