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If you want to make your Halloween costume look realistic and terrifying, you can't neglect the appearance of your eyes. But you're in luck, because these days anyone can buy special colored contact lenses, not just actors in movies. However, there are some things that you should keep in mind before you go out and buy them.

What exactly are vampire color contacts?

Only one of many different colored contact lenses available, colored contacts intended for Halloween and other costumes are a more extreme form of the usual colored contacts worn by many people every day. Like regular colored lenses, these costume designs alter the natural eye color of the wearer, helping to change their appearance. They are sold in many hundreds of different styles and colors, like cat, werewolf, spiral, zombie, or flat black designs. Bright red vampire lenses are the most popular of all of them.

Vampire-style contacts are made with red paint, which allow you to see normally while giving you a frightening red-eyed appearance. They are clear in the center where the pupil is located, allowing you to see through them normally, without reducing the dramatic effect of vampire style red eyes.

Who makes the best vampire contacts?

The two most popular brands of specialty costume lenses are Wild Eyes and Crazy Lenses, sold by Ciba Vision and Cooper Vision, respectively. Both of these companies have been manufacturing contact lenses for many years, including standard clear prescription lenses, so that you can rest assured that their products are just as safe as they are great-looking. Besides vampire eyes, they sell novelty contacts in a huge variety of different styles and colors. Another option for red vampire contacts are the Clearly Vampire Red line -- they may be a bit cheaper, but look just as good.

What if you need vision correction?

Most colored contacts can be made to match a certain prescription, exactly the same as regular clear corrective lenses. Of course, if you don't need a doctor's prescription to see properly, then you can get these contacts in non-prescription form instead.

Where can you buy vampire costume contacts?

Just before Halloween, it seems that scary colored lenses are sold everywhere, from costume shops to grocery stores, even gas stations. But buying lenses form one of these places is not necessarily a good idea, even though they may be a good price. After all, a contact lens is something you wear on the surface of your eye. A poor quality lens or dye may badly damage your eye. High quality lenses, made by reputable companies, are constructed like a sandwich, with the color layer surrounded by layers of clear plastic. This ensures that the dye never comes in contact with the surface of your eye.

The two safest ways to order vampire red contacts are to buy them through your optometrist, or to order them online. Buying online will be cheaper, but as with any internet purchase, let the buyer beware. Research any company before you buy from them, and make sure that they are selling genuine contacts from respectable brands. Looking up reviews of their service and products can help inform your decision. And, generally speaking, a company that sells all forms of contacts and corrective lenses is more trustworthy than one that only exists to sell Halloween costumes and accessories.