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You may have seen aqua-colored contact lenses and red-colored contacts worn as part of party wear, especially for a Halloween party. If you're interested in finding and wearing these products yourself, read on to learn which contacts will be the best choice to enhance the effects of your costume.

In most cases, people wear specialty colored lenses in order to look like their favorite celebrity, or to attract attention to themselves, especially at parties, clubs, or other social events. Aqua and red colored costume contact lenses are most often worn at a party, in order to complete a costume, mainly around Halloween time. Besides the most common type, the simple iris color-changing contacts, there are other costume lenses that come in many different shapes and designs.

Red colored lenses can make for a funky or scary appearance. They are a great way to make your vampire or monster costume really stand out. One reason they're so effective at evoking this mood is because red-colored eyes are, normally, not natural for humans to possess. Besides having pale skin and hair color, people who have severe cases of albinism often have red-looking eyes, because the color of blood vessels in the iris is not masked by sufficient melanin. As a result, in certain lights, their eyes can appear red. Red is also psychologically associated with strong emotions, such as anger and passion, likely due to being the color of blood.

Red contacts are quite often used in film, television, and theater in order to enhance a character's vampiric or otherworldly appearance. Because they're rarely worn outside of these dramatic contexts, they can be difficult to find. Aqua colored lenses are similarly effective at changing your appearance or completing a Halloween costume, although they usually don't make the wearer appear scarier. As another point in their favor, when compared to red colored contacts, they tend to be much easier to track down.

You may find that one of these types of lenses is your best choice for putting the finishing touches on your costume for a Halloween or other costume party. If a frightening appearance is what you're going for, the red colored lenses are your best bet. On the other hand, aqua colored contacts are good for providing an icy, cold, unemotional appearance, which may be useful for adding to your allure. Choose the color that matches the mood you're going for, and have fun!