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If you've ever felt like you wanted to change your eye color, but you didn’t have a prescription for eyeglasses or contacts, don't worry, you're in luck! These days, it's entirely possible to wear colored contacts, even if you don’t need to wear corrective lenses. Wearing purely cosmetic colored contacts is as simple as buying a new fashion.

Of course, if you require corrective lenses to correct near-sightedness, far-sightedness, or other vision problems, then it’s important that you get a prescription first, to ensure that the lenses have been calibrated properly to match your eyesight needs. See your local optometrist or eye doctor to obtain one of these prescriptions; many glasses and contact lens stores also offer inexpensive eye exams. Some even provide the exams free with a purchase of products! However, if you have no trouble seeing, then it's not necessary to get a prescription before you are able to wear colored contacts.

Many people wear colored contacts not because they need them, but simply to change their eye color. That's why non-prescription colored contacts have been made available. However, if you've never worn contacts before, it's best to visit an eye doctor beforehand. The doctor can test your eyes and determine what types of lenses you should buy. Today, there are many different products on the market, made out of many different materials. Your vision is far too important to risk damaging by using a lens inappropriate for your eye.

Aside from correcting problems in vision, there is absolutely no difference between prescription and non-prescription colored contacts. Make sure you buy the type you need, either prescription or non-prescription. Prescription lenses worn by people without vision problems will cause blurry vision and headaches, and possibly even damage their eyesight. Wearing non-prescription lenses if you need prescription lenses, on the other hand, will not damage your eyesight, but it is not a workable situation either; your vision will be just as poor as when you wear no eyewear at all.

Where can you find color contacts without requiring a prescription? Most online stores allow you to choose whether to buy prescription lenses or simple, non-prescription, cosmetic ones. Many physical stores can also provide you with the same choice. Just make sure that you're buying the type you need. If you're not sure which type is being sold, you can use the contact page at online stores, or you can simply ask the staff in a physical location.