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If you want to really impress with your Halloween costume this year, consider using a pair of special effect costume contact lenses. They can change your eyes completely into those of a vampire, werewolf, alien, or other creature. Here you can learn what lens options are safe and what will help you catch everyone's eye.

As far as choosing what brand of contact lenses to buy, the two most popular are Ciba Vision's Wild Eyes line, and Crazy Lenses from Cooper Vision. They're both well-known makers of prescription contact lenses, including color contacts and theatrical prop lenses in addition to the usual clear corrective lenses. Going with either company will ensure that you'll receive a stunning set of high-quality contacts.

Best selling styles of decorative costume contact lenses include cat's eye, white-out, black-out, bright red, spiral, fire effect, and bloodshot. A cat's eye lens changes the shape of a pupil to resemble a cat's. White-out, black-out, and bright red lenses change the color of the entire eye to white, black, or red respectively; very scary and useful for completing a zombie or vampire look. Spiral contacts come in different colors, such as red, white, and yellow, creating a mesmerizing spiral appearance. Fire effect lenses make the eyes appear to glow with fire, and bloodshot lenses create the appearance of blood vessels streaked through your natural whites.

If you've heard that wearing color lenses for Halloween can be hazardous to your eye health, you don't need to worry. Good quality lenses purchased from longstanding, respectable manufacturers are guaranteed safe; the only potential danger comes from poor or insufficient cleaning of the lenses. Safe lens care is exactly the same as for clear corrective vision contacts, which makes maintenance easy for those used to wearing regular corrective lenses.

However, if you've never worn contact lenses before, you should talk to your optometrist before making a purchase. Most lenses are packaged and sold with proper care and maintenance information included. You should absolutely follow these instructions carefully -- the steps required for proper maintenance are quick and easy.

The rules basically come down to: don't keep contacts on for especially long times; store and clean contacts using only specially marked contact lens cleaning solution; don't handle contacts without first washing your hands; never try to wear damaged lenses, just throw them out; remove the lenses immediately if your eyes become red or irritated; and never swap contact lenses with others.

With Halloween on the way, color contacts can be found on sale anywhere: beauty parlors, gift and party stores, grocery stores, and even yard sales. You shouldn't buy them from any of these places. They offer no guarantee of safety or comfort.

Instead, talk to your doctor first, and only buy from him or from well-regarded retailers of contact lenses. Buying online often allows you to find a cheaper price. Of course, because delivery may take some time, you should order at least a week before the party or other event for which you would be wearing them.