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If you're looking for something to make the last finishing touch on your Halloween costume, look no further than custom colored contacts. A pair of cheap Halloween contacts can make a fantastic difference in your costume. Where can you find good quality novelty contact lenses that aren't expensive? Read on to learn more.

Cheap Color Costume Contact Lens Selections for Halloween

There are hundreds, even thousands of great looking costume contacts available for cheap, as they are standard designs mass-produced in great quantity. Popular designs include cat's eyes, generally available in white, red, green, and yellow; banshee; black out, white out, and red out (or vampire) lenses to completely convert the color of your entire iris; and other animal lenses like black wolf and green reptile. Contacts that glow in the dark are always popular for Halloween, and they're actually surprisingly affordable.

Other, less common designs, such as crow, goblin, werewolf, or necromancer styles are generally more involved, some requiring custom work or even painting by hand, and are accordingly more expensive. Farther towards the more expensive side are full sclera contacts, which offer the possibility of changing the appearance of your entire eye, not just the iris. The effect can be amazing, but so can the cost.

The two biggest names in costume contact manufacturing are the Wild Eyes and Crazy Lenses brands. They're both made by long-running, respected contact lens makers. All of their products are guaranteed safe and certified by the FDA, so you can trust that they offer good quality at an affordable price.

A Big Price Difference Between Monthly And Yearly Costume Color Contacts

If you're familiar with contacts, you already know that there's a big difference in the length of time different contacts can last. Some are disposable, only good for wearing one day; others last for a month or a year. Generally, the more durable the lens, the more expensive it will be.

Because daily disposable lenses are so thin, they aren't available in costume styles, as they would not be able to support the extra weight from the added colors. Instead, they generally come in year-long and monthly disposable formats. Both Wild Eyes and Crazy Lenses, for example, are sold in monthly format, and these are much cheaper than year-round alternatives. There is no problem with quality in the 1-month lenses, they simply don't last as long -- which shouldn't be a problem anyway, considering the seasonal applicability of costume contacts.

Where Can You Buy Cheap Halloween Contacts?

It's possible to order costume lenses like these through your optometrist or other eye specialist. That will guarantee you will get safe, high quality lenses, but they can tend to be expensive. The only thing you really need from a doctor is your vision prescription.

Theatrical contacts can be found sold anywhere from grocery store checkout lines to Walmart and gas stations. Buying them is probably a bad idea; poor quality lens construction and dyes used may injure your eyes. Your best bet is probably buying the contacts from a reputable dealer online.

Before you make a purchase, take time to research the company. See what experiences other customers have had buying from them and what they have to say about the quality and longevity of the contacts they purchased. Then, once you make your purchase, have fun!