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Until recently, the only place that costume contact lenses were used was in Hollywood. That's no longer the case; these days, you can find special novelty contacts in any style and color to add that final touch to your costume. Many people would only think of wearing these accessories to a Halloween party, but that's not the only possible use; they're a great way to give you some pizzazz at a dance party or club. What are your best options for these special contact lenses?

What Halloween Color Contacts are Available?

There's a tremendous variety of different contact styles available, from widely reproduced costume designs to completely unique designs painted by hand. Ciba Vision's Wild Eyes brand and Cooper Vision's Crazy Lenses brand are the two most popular types of specialty costume contacts. They both sell a huge range of different types of contacts, including black out, white out, and red out, cat iris style, and spirals in all kinds of colors, to name only a few.

But the best reason to buy from Wild Eyes or Crazy Lenses is that they're both respectable, long-running companies with a reputation to protect. Despite the atypical appearance, their contact lenses are comfortable to wear, safe, and approved by the US FDA. Cheaper contact lens makers can not necessarily make offer the same guarantees.

You can find many places online selling unique designs of their own. However, you must exercise caution before making such a purchase; designs that look good in a picture may be less impressive in person. More importantly, if you buy from a less reputable dealer, the lenses they sell may actually damage the surface of your eyes.

Scleral Halloween Contacts

Like a typical clear, prescription contact lens, most specialty costume contacts are circular and curved. As an alternative, however, there are also contact lenses that cover the entire front face of the eye. These scleral lenses can make for a truly impressive transformation. Though they're more expensive than a standard sized contact lens, they have fortunately dropped in price in recent years. Alien, dragon, fire and flame, and full black scleral contacts are the most popular designs for this type of lens.

Custom Made Unique Halloween Lenses

As an even more unique option, you can create your own design to be painted by hand. A custom lens like this will of course be more expensive than a more standard design, but by doing this you'll be guaranteed a unique appearance. And, like any other contact, you can create a custom-made contact lens to match your specific eyeglasses prescription, if necessary.

Prescription for Halloween Contact Lenses

Some people seem to think that if they have perfect vision, they don't need any sort of fitting from a doctor or eyewear professional before they buy a pair of novelty costume contact lenses. However, that's not true; they are considered medical devices, and as such, must be made to match a doctor's specifications.

How To Care For Your Novelty Contact Lenses

If you're already familiar with contact lens care from wearing regular prescription lenses, you already know everything you need to take care of specialty and costume lenses as well.

For everyone else, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you'll want to pick up a contacts storage case and a cleaning solution designed specifically for soft surface contact lenses. These are available from any pharmacy or drug store if you didn't buy them when you made your contacts purchase. Always wash your hands before touching your eyes or contact lenses. Rinse the lenses in water before you put them into place. After removing the contacts, wash them again and place them in the storage case, then coat each cup of the case with contacts solution. If the lens if left to dry in the air for more than a few minutes, it could become brittle and break.

Of course, costume lenses like these are not worn every day. It's recommended to change the solution in which they're immersed every week. However, if you forget, rinse the contacts and let them sit for a few hours in fresh solution before wearing them again.

It almost goes without saying, but you should never allow anyone else to wear your contacts, or vice versa. This is dangerous, and could easily lead to eye infections or the spread of even worse diseases.

Once you have your exciting new pair of contacts to wear, you'll be able to make a big splash at the party!