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A Halloween party or other costume event tends to involve wearing complex clothing and other props. But have you ever considered topping off your costume with a decorative colored contacts? They can have a tremendous effect on guests, from a vaguely unsettling feeling to total shock. New styles and designs are coming out all the time, and they're quickly becoming an indispensable addition to any costume wardrobe. You can buy many of these contact lens designs online, but as with any internet shopping, let the buyer beware. Not every novelty and costume contact lens manufacturer is equally reputable, with full quality and safety guarantees.

Besides the usual clear, prescription-specified corrective contact lens, there is a huge variety of contact lenses available for purchase. They can provide a great contrast with other patrons at bars, pubs, clubs, dances, parties, and other events, and are sure to draw a lot of attention. In most cases, they can each be safely worn for a total of about three months, and they are entirely disposable. In comparison, usual clear prescription contact lenses can be worn for as long as a year.

The lenses come in a huge number of different designs, shapes, and styles, with a truly dramatic effect on appearance. Wearing completely white contacts can give you a great zombie or ghost look. The colored contacts that come in more novelty colors, such as bubblegum pink, dark red, or neon orange, are less useful in matching specific costumes, and may be worn to match a particular outfit or just for fun. Others can give a werewolf, vampire, or cat-eyed appearance, giving you the chance to look like a character from your favorite movie, like Twilight or Underworld. Those actors are often wearing the exact same kind of stylized, decorative contact lenses!

Flat red, white, or yellow lenses can be a great addition to certain types of monster costume, making you look truly frightening. More complex types of styles, such as dragon or animal eyes, and other designs that have been popularized by films, TV, and other sources can provide great ideas for costumes. Other lenses are more useful for shock value, with colors like electric blue and lime green, some colors that glow in the dark, or even designs that seem to shimmer and glow like fire print designs. Wearing one of these crazy and unusual contact lenses can be a lot of fun and help you make a huge impression at your next event.