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Those people that wear contact lenses can certainly appreciate how they are able to provide them with clear vision. Much like eyeglasses, they are another way of treating common eye conditions such as short-sightedness, far-sightedness as well as astigmatism.

Regular contact lenses are generally clear and transparent and they are available in a variety of brands and types, and can even come with added features. Usually, they are corrective in nature and prescribed for those who are in need of vision correction.

On the other hand, if you are someone who doesn't need any eye correction but would still like to have the option of using colored contact lenses, then you can go with some colored contacts without prescription.

These lenses are basically cosmetic contact lenses that are offered without any corrective powers. Non-prescription colored contacts are actually quite popular since they give you the ability to enhance or alter the color of your eyes as a fashion statement. The primary purpose for using colored contacts without prescription is for aesthetic reasons, and not corrective ones.

There are two main kinds of colored contacts, enhancement and opaque. Opaque color contacts will completely change the color of your eyes, whether you currently have light-colored or dark-colored eyes. Enhancement colored contacts will only highlight, instead of change, the color of your eyes. These lenses are perfect for those individuals who want just a subtly positive change in his or her appearance.

Generally speaking, "non-prescription" signifies that a lens prescription is not required. Nevertheless, whether you are wearing contacts for a corrective or cosmetic reason, it is recommended that you obtain an active prescription from a professional eye doctor before you end up buying and using any colored contacts without prescription. And there is actually a good reason for this recommendation...

Contact lenses in general, even the ones that do not require prescriptions, are not one-size fits all. Because the particular shape and curve of the eyes can differ from one person to the next, it's necessary to have an eye exam in order to get the right pair of lenses that will suit you best.

You should also be aware that long exposure to the wrong kind of ill-fitting colored contacts without prescription could possibly lead to some serious eye problems. Remember that you only have one pair of eyes. Don't risk your health just for the sake of beauty.