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In recent years, the concept of color contacts designed for use with dark eyes has become better known as the technology used in the design and manufacture of them has improved. Those with dark eyes need to be careful in selecting which iris colors to wear: very light colors like azure blue or soft green are probably bad ideas. Of course, that doesn't mean blue or green colored contacts are a bad idea entirely, even for people who happen to have darker eyes.

The first step in making a contacts purchase is to make an appointment to see your local eye care health practitioner. They should have plenty of experience helping people find the right contacts lenses to fit their eyes, including selecting which colors will be most complementary to match their face type. In fact, some of these businesses will even provide free trials for new colors of contact lenses. More importantly, they can also serve as a great source of information for anyone looking to change their appearance with the use of colored contact lenses. And of course, an optometrist can also help with the use of corrective lenses to correct any vision problem.

For the most part, anyone whose natural eye color is very dark will see the best results when they wear fully opaque colored lenses. Opaque lenses are completely effective at changing the color of anyone's eyes, no matter how light or dark they may be. Rather than allowing any of the natural color to shine through, these lenses completely mask the underlying eye color in order to replace it with the new hue.

When you're in the market for colored eye contacts for your dark-colored eyes, you should keep an eye out for special deals from your local eye services professionals and opticians. Many of these businesses provide tests free of charge, as well as two for the price of one purchase offers and many other deals.

As a bonus, an optometrist or optician can also perform an eye exam to determine what prescription lenses you need, if you are having vision problems. Once you have a prescription, you can get contact lenses in any color you like just the same as non-prescription lenses. Make sure exactly which type of lens you are buying beforehand! Wearing lenses with the wrong prescription can cause blurry vision, headaches, and even damage your eyesight, while wearing non-prescription lenses when you require a prescription will be just as bad as wearing none at all.