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If you're thinking of getting colored contact lenses in the future , then you may need some added information to help you pick the ones that will fit you best. First of all , you need to realize that that the end result will largely be determined by the natural color of your eyes. That is obviously assuming that you would like the effect to be less "in your face" and much more subtle. In the event you decide on a more drastic change, for example a party, then opaque contacts may be the way to go. There are actually around four kinds of colored lenses.

  • Opaque colored contact lenses: These will completely alter the color of your eyes and are especially popular with individuals that have dark eyes.
  • Translucent colored contact lenses: These lenses won't provide you with a radical change but will rather enhance the natural color of your eyes. These are mostly popular with people that possess light colored eyes.
  • Fantasy colored contact lenses: These contacts are primarily used for special occasions or for other special effects. These come in a variety of colors and designs. Unique designs such as 'Cats Eyes, 'Alien,' and 'Zombie' are now readily available for people to buy online.
  • Filtering contact lenses: These lenses are somewhat new on the market and are generally used by athletes like golfers and tennis players since they tend to allow one to focus on certain colors and block others. For instance, a baseball player will be able to better focus on the ball since the lenses will block out any colors coming from the crowd while emphasizing the color of the baseball.

How To Choose The Best Color For You Personally

For those who have dark eyes, then one's choices are going to generally be restricted to contacts that will lighten your eyes, since your natural eye color will have a tendency to show up through the lenses. So, colors such as deep blues and deep greens will work surprising well and might even give your eyes a shining effect.

People who have brown eyes used to not have a wide selection of colors from which to choose. Nevertheless, with the constant improvement of technology, their choices have increased. For those who have brown eyes, try to avoid translucent colored contacts since they are primarily designed for enhancing the natural color of light colored eyes.

Opaque contacts are better for those with brown eyes, but be prepared to undergo a pretty radical change to the color of your eyes!. For people with light colored eyes, the selection is going to be much more expansive. You can start by trying on lenses that have the same color as your eyes but are just a shade deeper. For example, start with some deep green contacts if your eyes are light green. These kinds of changes do not usually stand out too much and will ultimately provide you with a more natural look.

Changing The Color Of One's Eyes

Most of the people that you work with, as well as your immediate circle of friends, will definitely know the natural color of your eyes. So if you show up at work one day with a totally different eye color, they are guaranteed to notice such a drastic change. Eventually, they will probably get used to the color change, but your secret will already be out. The trick to getting away with changing the color of your eyes is to do it in a gradual manner and stay away from being too eccentric (unless that's what you want do!). You can always leave the really fancy contacts for fun evenings or special occasions. Should you decide to go radical right away, please bear in mind that you will receive some feedback whether you like it or not.

Other Colored Contact Lens Facts

You do not need 20/20 vision to wear colored contact lenses. Even if you have astigmatism, there is no reason why you could not wear them. Also, to get colored contacts in the United States for corrective purposes, you will need a prescription from a certified eye doctor.

Another thing to be aware of is that you will need a little time to get used to colored contacts. So if you are going on a big date, we recommended that you wear them for a couple weeks so your eyes have some time to properly adjust to them.